Amy Spahic - CardioVision Care

Amy Spahic

President & Chief Operating Officer

E: [email protected]

Amy Spahic is the passionate Founder & CEO of CardioVision Care, dedicated to assisting individuals and physicians in comprehending the underlying causes of heart disease. With a profound desire to help people heal, Amy spent 9 years in the Cardiac Nursing field and over 7 years as a Cardiac Clinical Research Coordinator, collaborating with various clinics in Illinois, Indiana, and Florida.

Amy’s personal connection to heart disease stems from the loss of her father at a young age. When she was just 15 years old, her father, aged 57, experienced a massive heart attack and underwent a life-saving quadruple bypass surgery. Her father’s miraculous survival, as his heart grew another artery, sparked Amy’s fascination with the heart’s capacity to regenerate and repair itself. Motivated by a desire to detect heart disease early, she delved into the study of the heart, pouring over the pages of the Britannica Encyclopedia. She meticulously sketched illustrations of what she envisioned the device to look like. Little did she know Dr. Joseph T. Shen was concurrently developing the MCG (MultiFunction Cardiogram).

In 1995, tragedy struck again as her father required not one, but two heart transplants within 24 hours and survived. Unfortunately, in 1997, he suffered a stroke and passed away at the age of 61 due to a blood clot caused by anti-rejection medication. Determined to prevent such losses, Amy is resolute in her mission to save lives, including her own with the MCG, while relentlessly seeking to uncover the root causes of heart disease. Amy herself encountered a medical gap in care after having severe chest pain and undergoing several cardiac modalities only to be told it was anxiety. Amy continued to suffer several years more being misdiagnosed until she had the 10 minute MCG heart scan that discovered she has small vessel disease.

Having thrived in her previous role of empowering physicians to expand their practice, Amy now dedicates her expertise to counseling, training, advising, and coaching heart stakeholders on how to reverse heart disease before it becomes irreversible.

Dr. Edward Mueller MD

Dr. Edward Mueller MD

Chief Executive Officer
E: [email protected]

Edward J. Mueller is a retired urologist and military veteran with a distinguished career. He served as a Colonel in the U.S. Army, earning numerous decorations and medals, including the Legion of Merit and Meritorious Service Medal.

Dr. Mueller received his medical education at Case Western Reserve University and completed his Urology Residency at Brooke Army Medical Center. He holds a Urology Board Certification and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Urology.

His career has been marked by various leadership roles in the medical field, including Chief of Urology at Methodist Hospital and involvement in numerous medical committees. He has been a prolific speaker, presenting research and expertise in urology at various conferences. Dr. Mueller has published an extensive amount of medical literature and articles. He was principal investigator in numerous clinical trials. He continues to support his passion by consulting on his expertise in urology.

Dr. Mueller's contributions to the field have left a lasting impact, and his legacy continues through his work at Adaptec Medical Devices LLC, which he co-founded. The company was founded in 2015 and was eventually acquired by Becton Dickinson in November 2019. In Dr. In Mueller's spare time you will find him playing golf or volunteering. He also loves spending time with his grandchildren.

Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO

Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO

President of Medical Affairs and Education
E: [email protected]

Sam Fillingane, D.O., is an active physician dedicated to enhancing cardiovascular outcomes wherever he practices. Dr. Fillingane has held multiple influential roles, enabling him to identify and enhance approaches for reducing cardiovascular risk while imparting this knowledge to physicians and patients worldwide. Presently, Dr. Fillingane serves as the Chief Medical Officer for CardioVision CARE, a pioneering distributor introducing the multifunctional cardiogram (MCG) to the market. Additionally, he holds the position of Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at William Carey University, College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Board certified in Family Practice, Dr. Fillingane boasts over 32 years of private practice experience before joining the WCUCOM faculty. Within his family practice office in Jackson, Mississippi, Dr. Fillingane concentrated on cardiovascular risk reduction, providing care for high- risk cardiovascular patients from across the nation.

Beyond his demanding medical practice, Dr. Fillingane held the esteemed positions of Director of Medical Education and Medical Director for several prominent national cardiovascular laboratories. Moreover, he conducted numerous Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses for physicians at the local, regional, and national levels. For years, Dr. Fillingane has nurtured a fervent aspiration to witness a decline in cardiovascular risk nationwide, considering cardiovascular Diseases pervasive toll as the leading cause of death and compromised quality of life for countless individuals worldwide. Driven by this objective, Dr. Fillingane's teaching efforts have expanded to encompass the general public and medical students, with the hope of further reducing cardiovascular events. Dr. Fillingane’s impactful contributions extend to his role as the host of the widely televised program, Straight To The Heart, which aired on the My Family TV Network, The Retro Network, and The Comcast National TV Network. With 52 episodes dedicated to empowering patients with a deeper understanding of cardiovascular disease, Dr. Fillingane has demonstrated his commitment to public education in this critical area.

Furthermore, Dr. Fillingane has pioneered the development of the Ten Inflammatory Disease State Model, which he asserts as the cornerstone for successfully identifying and treating cardiovascular disease.

Dr Marianne Pinkston MD

Dr. Marianne Pinkston MD

President & Chief Medical Officer
E: [email protected]

Dr. Marianne Pinkston is a highly experienced medical professional. She graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, and of the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Family Practice Residency Program. Dr. Pinkston provided South Texas with the best general care in family practice until 2007, when she developed Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, renal failure, and obesity, this drove Dr. Pinkston to begin her journey into integrative and functional medicine. She has undergone extensive training and certifications in stem cell and peptide, as well as anti-aging, natural hormone replacement, weight loss, regenerative medicine, and integrative medicine studies. She specializes in weight loss, natural hormone replacement therapy, and autoimmune conditions. She personally lost 182 pounds and overcame her health challenges up to training to an athletic level, resolving diabetes and curing her renal failure. Dr. Pinkston is a media presence, hosting a radio show and podcast, "The Better Life with Dr. Pinkston." She is a board director for the Global Pain Association and owns Pinkston Medical and Wellness Clinic. She briefly served as Vice-Chair of the Arthritis Foundation, Central Texas Division. Dr. Pinkston also serves as Medical Director of The LaValle Performance Health Center with Jim LaValle in Cedar Park, TX. With over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, she remains active in her community, striving to provide a better life for her patients and inspire her three children.

Bill Colaner Regional Manager

Bill Colaner

Regional Manager
Texas and surrounding areas
Email: [email protected]

Bill, fueled by a profound gratitude for the Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG) that he believes saved his life, brings over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and laboratory industries to CardioVision Care. His extensive background provides him with a deep understanding of cardiovascular risks. Guided by a prevention-oriented primary care physician, Bill's health journey took an unexpected turn when the MCG device detected a Right Coronary Artery occlusion and global ischemia, revealing crucial insights beyond standard biomarkers.

Inspired by his own transformative experience, Bill passionately travels across the United States, from Texas to the Carolinas, New Mexico to the Great Lakes, sharing the life-saving benefits of the Multifunction Cardiogram. With a mission to empower healthcare providers in reducing cardiovascular disease, Bill invites interested professionals to connect with him, particularly if their practice is near a large body of water.

As a trained technician in the elite fraternity dedicated to operating the Multifunction Cardiogram, Bill is eager to expand this specialized group. Beyond his professional endeavors, Bill cherishes his family, including his wife, two grown children, and five dogs. Residing in the Hill Country of Texas, he eagerly anticipates opportunities to return to coastal locations whenever possible.

Gary Price Regional Manager Arizona and Utah

Gary Price

Regional Manager Arizona and Utah
[email protected]

Gary is someone who cares a lot about life and the people around him.  He loves reading, especially inspirational books, golf, travel, dining out, time with family and most of all serving God. Gary is a natural story-teller, and a story-listener.   We all have a story, and when we have the courage and honesty to explore it, we better understand ourselves and others. That gives us insight into our lives and purpose, finding a path, and freeing ourselves to be great leaders and great people.

From a business perspective, Gary is very successful sales leader, management executive and entrepreneur with 40 years in the HealthCare industry.  Since 1992, he has owned and operated 4 very successful companies.

Always seeking new challenges, Gary went on to become a certified business coach and trainer and founded a sales and leadership development company to provide needed organizational improvement for growth minded organizations.

His motto is “improving organizations one person at a time.”  Gary believes that our Belief systems affect our Attitudes and our attitudes affect our Behaviors.  If we don’t like our actions (behaviors) we have to first look at our belief systems.

In addition to personal empowerment and servant leadership, Gary’s other passion is Health & Wellness, which is why is career has been in invested in the HealthCare industry.  However, Gary realized that as important as technology is to treat disease, it’s even more important to diagnose and treat the “cause” not the “symptoms”.  Much of HealthCare today is about sick disease management vs. wellness.   Though that is changing quickly as providers are realizing older traditional methods are not helping people get better and feel better.

Marie Tansy

Marie Tansy

Regional Manager for Washington and Surrounding Areas
E: [email protected]

Marie, a compassionate seeker of knowledge, has a Bachelor's in Nursing, providing 17 years in critical care and acutely ill cardiac patients, she now brings her expertise to CardioVisionCare.  Marie's journey with the MultiFunction Cardiogram unveiled answers to her own health issues, inspiring her mission to raise awareness about this life-changing technology.

In 2022, Marie encountered the MultiFunction Cardiogram while suffering from small vessel disease undetectable through traditional cardiology methods, sought help after experiencing chest pain on Mother's Day. Despite undergoing recommended traditional cardiac tests, the suggested diagnoses were dismissive. Frustrated with the wait-and-see approach, Marie finally found answers and relief through an MCG scan, validating her symptoms and aiding in her cardiovascular recovery. Marie has made lifestyle changes and has now improved MCG scores.

Marie, a certified MCG technician, will be there with you during your scan to answer any questions you may have. Dedicated to preventing and reversing heart disease, Marie, both an employee and a patient, shares her valuable insights during MCG scans, offering truthful and caring knowledge to enhance lives.

Once discovering the truth of MCG, Marie changed the way she viewed healthcare and became driven to raise awareness in the medical community of this amazing technology. This is Marie's new mission, to save lives and improve quality of life for herself and others.