The Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG) is a revolutionary new kind of non-invasive diagnostic tool for measuring the health of a patient’s heart and the impact of ischemia and other problems. The MCG provides a method to detect and measure myocardial ischemia with unprecedented accuracy in minutes. It is a resting, non-invasive, non-chemical/non-radiation test that can be performed in the ER by trained technical staff. With the help of the MCG, physicians are able to make much more rapid, objective, and accurate diagnoses of heart diseases.

The MCG uses a systems approach to modeling the heart and then comparing these models to a demographically appropriate risk-stratified database of similar patients using 166 indices with that database to aid both in the diagnosis and in predicting patient needs and outcomes.

The MCG was created to solve an intractable problem in cardiology: the unacceptable inaccuracies of the EKG and other cardiac-related diagnostic tools and the need for more accurate tools. The inaccuracy of the present diagnostic tools affects patients with cardiac issues and patients whose symptoms may appear to be cardiac-related but are not actually cardiac-derived. An EKG can detect approximately 1/3 of patients with severe coronary artery disease, leaving 2/3 of the patients in danger of dying from their undetected illness. Patients showing signs and symptoms of cardiac-related conditions are often catheterized and have angiograms performed. However, 62 percent of these patients actually have no significant atherosclerosis.

The problem created by inaccurate cardiac diagnostic tools is even more acute for women, leading in part to more women suffering longer term from heart disease than men.

Emergency MCG has developed a protocol that can efficiently and cost-effectively improve the evaluation of patients presenting at the ER with chest pain. Emergency MCG equips the physician with a toolset that ensures that patients admitted for observation and therapy meet the requirements of medical necessity, and those who are discharged are done so with a high level of confidence.

The MCG is the culmination of the efforts of two generations of dedicated scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and physicians. It uses rapid, automated, cloud-based, empirically derived digitized clinical databases to give doctors around the world access to a startlingly accurate diagnostic system.